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Herxheimer on Valcyte? (CMV Infection)

Discussion in 'Immunological' started by copi2k, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. copi2k


    Hey there,

    i have some questions about my recently started cmv treatment with valcyte. 3 weeks ago, i was tested highly positive for an active CMV. Since 2 weeks I'm on valcyte, with little breaks (because of herx?). I upped my dose too quick i think and crashed hard on day 6, took a little break and started again. Actually, after 2 weeks, I try to take valcyte as followed: 2x1, 2x1, 1x1, start at day 1 again etc. Since tuesday, I'm feeling pretty bad again, but not like normal, i have strange symptoms like:

    - cold extremities
    - sweating hands
    - VERY VERY tired even when i slept 10 hours.. im awake 2 hours, eat something and i began to feel REALLY tired.. have to go to bed (havent experience such fatigue all the years I've been sick)
    - blurred vision / irrated eyes (I went to an eye-doc last week, all things fine, just have "dry eyes")
    - feeling like have the flu
    - more foggy
    - low appetite
    - when i have really bad hours, i have to urinate very often, at this time, i have some nausea too but without vomiting (it feels like my body is full of toxins and i have to release them)
    - in the moring, i feel like a truck hit me, its getting better in the afternoon
    - fast heartbeat when i have done some little efforts

    Today, i felt bad too, but i had to go to the hospital to check my blood. (my girlfriends mom works there, she checks my blood regluary when i have to)
    Results: All things FINE! My leukocytes even rised, my lymphocytes also. thrombos rised too. i was quite on the lowest borderline with the leukocytes 3-4 weeks ago (about 4nl of 4-10nl). now they rise somewhere until the middle (5.7nl of 4-10nl).

    Just 1 liver-parameter, i think it was GTP was a little bit over the max. borderline, the others were good.

    what do you think about that?

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  2. Butydoc

    Butydoc President

    Hi Greetz,

    I'm on my 7th week of Valcyte. This is my second round of Valcyte since 2007 to treat a viral reactivation. The first time around I used the Montoya protocol (1800mg daily for three weeks then 900 mg per day). I was feeling like you described for 7 months on the dosage schedule. Dr. Montoya now believes this was too high a starting dose and has started me on 1/2 pill (225 mg) a day for 3 to four weeks then increase the dose the same amount until I reach 900 mg per day. He does believe I suffered a herxheimer type of reaction the first around. Presently I'm tolerating this round much better.

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