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Help Finding Info on Chelating Lead

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by cman89, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. cman89

    cman89 Senior Member

    Hayden, Idaho
    I know that we focus a lot on Mercury here on the forums, but from what I know, ALA does not chelate lead, unless I am mistaken about that. Is anyone aware of methods people have used to target specifically Lead toxicty? And how could that affect mercury chelation at the same time?
  2. aaron_c

    aaron_c Senior Member

    My naturopath, who specialized in environmental toxicity (heavy metals, mostly) and Lyme's, gave me IVs with EDTA (for the lead) and DMPS (for the mercury)...although I've since heard that DMPS has some risks, see for some horror stories. She did regular liver and kidney function tests on me, which might be why she felt DMPS was safe enough for me...not sure.

    PS This was in Oregon, where Naturopaths have to attend an accredited four-year graduate program and can serve as primary care. As opposed to some states where anyone can be a naturopath just as soon as they hang their figurative shingle.
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  3. Johnmac

    Johnmac Senior Member

    DMPS will chelate lead, tho it should be oral & never IV - the latter being most dangerous.

    Lead lives in the bones mainly, & takes a long time to get out. From memory you do a DMPS round to clear the blood of lead, then wait for some more lead to enter the bloodstream from the bones, chelate again (repeat).

    The Cutler chelation people have a good grasp of this: you could find a Cutler forum & ask them.

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