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Hello - I'm new to forum and really need help with methylation protocol

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by emerald, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. emerald


    Hello All-

    I am new to the forum (first post), but I have been reading and reading and reading for the last couple of months. My head is swimming - but thank you to all for your help and information!

    I'm a mess and really need some help! For several years I had been taking 1 Folapro (800mcg) and 5mg M B12 sublingual (cheap brand, so probably not getting much). I saw some mild improvement, but tended to be hyper (I realize now I have had a potassium deficiency for sometime).

    My doc ran the Health Diagnostics Test and discussed my results with Dr. Auydha (sp?) at Health Diagnostics. He said my level of folinic acid was the lowest he had ever seen. He was "impressed" at how low it was. Here are my results:

    S-Adenosylmethione 226 (range 221-256)
    S-Adenosylhomocysteine 51.3 (range 38-49)
    5-CH3-THF 8.5 (range 8.4-72.6)
    10-Formyl-THF 2.1 (range 1.5-8.2)
    5-Formyl-THF 6.4 (range 1.2-11.7)
    THF .5 (range .6-6.8)
    Folic Acid 8 (range 8.9-24.6)
    Folinic Acid 7.4 (range 9-35.5)
    Active Folate 336 (range 400-1500)
    Adenosine 22.5 (range 16.8-21.4)

    Apparently my ratio of 10-Formyl-THF to 5-Formyl-THF is the worse Dr. Auydha has ever seen. The recommendation was to stop the Folapro and take 60 mg of Folinic Acid and 25,000 mcg of methyl B12.

    I worked my way up to 9.6 of folinic acid and 10,000 Jarrow B12 sublingually, then my doc switched me to B12 shots (2,500 mcg). After my first shot I woke up in the middle of the night with huge pain in my liver/stomache/gallbladder area. I lasted about a week and then stopped the shots. The pain has not gone away. It has subsided but not gone away after four weeks.

    I went back to 10,000 Jarrow M B12 sublingually and worked my way up to 24 mg of folinic acid. I ache and I seem to just be swelling up and up with water...most especially in the last couple of weeks (I started the folinic acid two months ago). This menstrual cycle is the worst ever, and I don't even get PMS usually.

    Obviously, something is not right. I think I need methylfolate, but my doc doesn't think so. I notice just about everyone on the forum uses the methylfolate, not the folinic acid. Perhaps I need both?

    I take all appropriate vitamins and minerals and I also take 600 mg of L-carnitine-fumerate.

    How do I know if I have a paradoxical folate deficiency? If so, do I need more methylfolate or folinic acid?

    I'm really a mess and and going crazy trying to figure it out. The folinic acid makes me really sleepy. At first I felt strong in my body, no weakness, just sleepy from the folinic acid, which was refreshing after feeling so hyper with the methyl folate for so long. But now I am feeling weak, hot, major night sweats, irritable, disconnected, hugely bloated, nerves are numb-like and tingling.

    Can anyone help interpret my test results? What would you recommend?

    Thank you so very much.
  2. Wayne

    Wayne Senior Member

    Ashland, Oregon
    Hi Emerald, welcome to the forum. I can't really help interpreting your test results but I can give you a link to an excellent article on methylation:

    --- Methylation Problems Lead to 100s of Diseases ---

    All the Best, Wayne
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  3. anna8

    anna8 Senior Member

    Hi Emerald, just like to say welcome to the forum.
    Sorry I can't help you with your test result, maybe if you give people here more of your story, your symptom how you became ill etc... Someone may be able to help!
    Sometimes from my own experience a good place to start is to detox, support of the liver and the gut! Then you can start to introduce other things!

    Best wishes
    Anna x
  4. emerald


    Thank you, Wayne, that is an interesting and detailed article.

    Anna, thank you, too...and yes, I should introduce myself!

    I've been sick since about 2001. Didn't know what it was for years - went to more than four dozen doctors while I slowly declined. I discovered I was metals toxic and chelated following the Cutler protocol for three years. I found out my Epstein-Barr was off the charts...taking care of this really gave me some life back (helped my adrenals so much). My gut has been a constant battle - parasites, bacteria, yeast. I've had the Yasko tests and the 23andMe tests...I am MTHFR 677c +/+.

    On a scale of 1-10, I have gone from about a 1.5 to about an 8...I am able to walk nearly every day now and I work out at the gym about three days a week. I am generally happy (I used to be so depressed and moody and irritable) and things that used to annoy me just roll off my back now. Three months ago I would have said I was at a 9 or 9.5, needing just to clean up the last of my gut issues, but this folinic acid thing has set me back...I am back in that place of having less motivation, my nervous system being overly sensitive, being moody, being in lots of achy pain, etc. It sucks to be back here after working for 12 years clawing my way to better health! I'm sure others can relate.

    I am very sensitive to most supplements and I have been able to decrease the number of supplements I take by 40% over the last eight months! Yay! My wallet is happy too!

    I think the last key for me is getting the appropriate amounts of MB12 and M-Folate...I know my doc says I need the folinic acid, but I am not feeling so good about it right now...I find these supplements a bit harder to experiment with since they knock me around so hard when I get it I am hesitant and am really in need of some guidance.

    I am really curious about the paradoxical folate deficiency and if it sounds like that might be an issue for me?

    I think getting the rest of the methylation working is really the last key for my health puzzle...I'm really hoping that in getting methylation balanced the last of my gut issues will resolve themselves too!

    Thanks much for your comments and welcome!

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