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Has anyone tried Neurofeedback to improve sleep?

Discussion in 'Sleep' started by Peyt, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Peyt

    Peyt Senior Member

    I have been looking at different forms of Neurofeedback for my ADHD(inattentive) and have been told by 2 different Neurofeedback therapists (each with a different protocol) that I don't really have ADHD and my problem is my poor sleep (I fall sleep easy but then wake up several times per night and wake up tired in the morning).....

    One of the protocols is called Neuroptimal and the other is the infra low EEG .
    So I wanted to ask, has anyone here used any form of Neurofeedback for sleep? If yes, how was your experience? and which protocol was it?

    Is anyone familiar with the Alpha Theta training for trauma that's suppose to improve sleep?

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