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Getting Married-- How to handle a wedding???

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by Sacajawea, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. November Girl

    November Girl Senior Member


    The only suggestion I can add is to have a less taxing way to interact with your family and friends during the reception. It would be nice to have a seated conversation area in the reception room - a few comfy chairs, or a couple of sofas. That way people can come to you and you can be a part of things. I would want to be able to lie down, or lie back in a recliner. This isn't something that is normally a part of a reception hall, but you could "borrow" some furniture from your home or that of a friend. Assuming you have some strong healthy men in your local circle, they could bring the furniture. In large cities, there are usually companies that rent furniture. I've no idea if they would let it for just a day.

    Of course I would still want a place to retreat for awhile. I hope you both have wonderful wedding days. :peach: :sofa: :balloons:
  2. hollie9


    Northern California
    I married when sick but got tons of adrenaline on the day that carried me through. We only had 40 people but I still didn't get to talk to a lot of them. It all went by in a blur because there are so many things to do and I was so high seeing people I hadn't seen for ages. I forgot to eat or drink, I was so excited.

    Had a brunch the next day and was still OK, I probably crashed later.

    My message is that the day carries you away, I don't know that you will remember or feel pain or fatigue that day.

    I had everything organized in advance and tons of caterers, bartenders. The people do their own thing talking to each other, it's not all about you after all! I did forget place cards for dinner tables so did them the night before on computer. I'd bought my dress ages ago.

    I wish I could do it over and visit with more people, I don't envy you having 150, you will be talking, talking, talking. I couldn't believe the stories I heard later about what happened to others that I missed. You are providing a venue for all sorts of stuff to happen that you won't know about until later.

    Have fun!
  3. peggy-sue


    A bride I know put disposable cameras on the tables, and asked guests to use them throughout dinner and the evening.
    She ended up with a really wonderful collection of informal pictures - and this allowed her to spend less time with the photographer - that was a very hard bit - lots of standing around.
    Congratulations - remember, it's just one day - and it's YOUR day. :hug:
    You make the rules about how much you can do - I hope you manage to have the best possible day - without causing too much payback afterwards.

    Remember your supplements!

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