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Free online training for activists / advocates

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by thefreeprisoner, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. I found out about this:

    "Action Research and Evaluation Online (AREOL) is a 14-week online
    course offered twice a year as a public service.

    Action research is a reflective process of progressive problem solving
    led by individuals working with others in teams or as part of a
    "community of practice" to improve the way they address issues and
    solve problems. Action research can also be undertaken by larger
    organizations or institutions, assisted or guided by professional
    researchers, with the aim of improving their strategies, practices,
    and knowledge of the environments within which they practice.

    I can see great scope for incorporating more of this into campaigns,
    to avoid the temptation to move from one campaign to another without
    time for reflection and to ensure that lessons are learnt - although
    it probably has relevance to anyone in any line of work.

    It's an online course with apparently a high volume of email traffic,
    and the next course starts in a week's time.!

    For further information about joining see:

    Action Research online course

    Go gettem, activists! :victory: :victory:

    Rachel xx
  2. Samuel

    Samuel Senior Member

    Interesting idea, Rachel. I have long thought that we might be able to learn from advocates in other fields, whatever they are. Maybe those of us who can investigate these kinds of things can summarize the lessons for those of us who cannot.
  3. creekfeet

    creekfeet Sockfeet

    Eastern High Sierra
    This sounds so good! Thanks, Rachel. Depending on the time commitment (and I see that the first session helps students figure out if they'll be able to do it) I would love to take this course now or someday. Bookmarking!

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