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Fred's protocol - how much potasium?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by snowathlete, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. snowathlete


    Fred, my stuff arrived today (have to collect it from the postoffice and pay a 15 customs charge). I bought some potasium yesterday, but how much should i be taking?

  2. Freddd

    Freddd Senior Member

    Salt Lake City
    Hi Snowathlete,

    Some people need 200mg some 2000mg a day. Basically whatever it takes to relieve and prevent low potassium. Titrate by effect.
  3. chilove

    chilove Senior Member

    Hi there,

    I started the protocol last week. I eat a very potassium rich diet and am adding extra potassium food sources (bananas, OJ, artichoke hearts) but I have difficulty eating enough overall due to my food sensitivities so I decided to start out with supplementing around 1000mg extra per day and that seems to be working for me.. A couple of times I did feel some uncomfortable feelings (tightness in chest, fatigue, weird pain in bones/muscles) and I took an extra 500mg as needed and that did the trick each time. Everyone will be different though as Fredd states....

    Magnesium foot soaks and baths with epsom salts or magnesium oil has been helping a great deal as well. They are so relaxing and feel great anyway.

    Best to you!

  4. Rosebud Dairy

    Rosebud Dairy Senior Member

    Watch high potassium foods, as many of them are high folinic foods, which could set off a mixed bag of getting better/getting worse/what is going on?

    If you have been doing the FAP for at least a month, are female, and have a heavy period, you could experience a strong potassium drop on cycle days 2-5. Get plenty of potassium ahead.

    If you have trouble with folic acid, and might have to consume your methylfolate right before mealtime, as you are experiencing folinic/folic washout, you may have some abrupt potassium "re-startup" type symptoms, which are easy to misinterpret as "detox." Some people have to be VERY careful about timing of methylfolate doses right before meals in order not to bring back neuropathies that may have been gone already. RAGING IBS--diarrhea may be a first clue as to a folic/folinic block of your methylfolate.

    Low potassium may feel like you are very nauseated, your head is swimming, or you are about the vomit and float away all at once. You could have heart palpitations, and other symptoms.

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