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Extremely itchy vagina OMG

Discussion in 'Fungal Infection (Yeast, Candida)' started by herpesbaby, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. herpesbaby

    herpesbaby Senior Member

    So they found candida krusei and leptothix and bacterial vaginosis in my vaginal swab. I also had hpv wart back in 2013 and genital herpes in May this year, which did not itch btw.
    I don't want to look down there to see if its a wart or a bump, I wouldnt recognize it anyway. I don't want to take antivirals anymore. I was on them for 11 weeks.

    I'm allergic to fluconozole.

    Any suggestions?

    If it's herpes, will it go away on it's own without any pills?
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  2. Valentijn

    Valentijn Senior Member

    Ask your doctor. We can't diagnose or recommend treatments.
  3. herpesbaby

    herpesbaby Senior Member

    I did not ask for diagnosis or treatement.
  4. trishrhymes

    trishrhymes Senior Member

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  5. herpesbaby

    herpesbaby Senior Member

  6. Richard7

    Richard7 Senior Member

  7. mirshine

    mirshine Senior Member

    Dublin, Ireland
    Probiotics are a great help.

    Good ones like udos 8 or solgar 40+

    And eating live yogurt
    Not sweetened with anything.
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  8. Sing

    Sing Senior Member

    New England
    With ME/CFS for decades, I have a low immune system. This seems to be what predisposed my body to get recurrent infections in both my vagina and eyes--the mucous membranes--which are more vulnerable. I found cheap ways to ward these off successfully. A mild white vinegar and water douche every two or three days now does the trick, but in earlier years I needed to do this more often. My doctors thought I would be throwing off the natural balance by the vinegar douche, but my immune system was doing that for me by not managing the fungi and bacteria. They wanted me to use the prescription medicine and then let my body correct itself, maybe by also eating and using yogurt. But my body never would hold these "corrections" because my immune system wasn't doing its part. My body needed outside help to restore its ph and balance. Another good thing about a plain white vinegar and water douche is that it is cleansing and not messy.

    For eyes I learned to make a mild boric acid and water eyewash, a solution I keep cold in the refrigerator. This I need every day. It also helps lubricate my eyes and feels very refreshing. The directions for making eyewash used to be on the containers of boric acid powder but the drug companies sued to have this taken off, supposedly for people's protection, but the real reason was their profits. That was what a pharmacist told me--no surprise. The commercial products are far more costly and interestingly, never worked as well in my case.

    I don't avoid commercial or prescription medicines necessarily but when it is a matter of an ongoing, daily need from a low immune system, I see if I can find something else.
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  9. PatJ

    PatJ Forum Support Assistant

    Info from my health notes file.

    Note: None of this is medical advice. I'm just passing on information collected on various internet forums. What you do with the information is up to you.

    Treating a yeast infection
    * Keep the area dry. Consider limiting dairy. No sugary foods.
    * It may be a PH imbalance, see below.
    * Rotate through these 3-4 treatments (4-5 days each, 2-3 times per day) until the infection has been gone for 30 days (to make sure it's all gone). Rotating avoids breeding resistent organisms.
    * Don't stop the treatment once the itching stops, keep going to make sure the infection is gone.
    * Some treatments don't work for everyone, or work at one time but not another; experiment.

    Itching: ACV is great for reducing itching (after the initial burning sensation.)

    * Apple Cider Vinegar - May burn, can try diluting, quickly helps reduce itching. Drying, so use coconut oil after to moisturize.
    a) Apply to a cloth or tampon and apply.
    b) Bath - add one cup to bath water and soak for 30 minutes. A reduced amount of bath water may work better so it doesn't dilute the vinegar as much.

    * Boric acid. Don't eat it, don't inhale it, don't touch it. It balances the PH level of the vagina.

    Important note: "Make sure that you DO NOT swallow these or put touch it with bare skin. And when inserting, make sure that you push them up as high as you can. Boric acid is after all, an acid. The vagina is the only place that you can do this because normally it's pH is acidic. That's why boric acid vaginal suppositories work. I decided to make my own from a recipe I found from someone else's review on vaginal suppositories because they're so much more cheaper when you make them yourself. Just remember to wear gloves and don't inhale the powder!"

    a) Make a paste with coconut oil and apply. Can also chill or freeze into a suppository for easy insertion and relief via cooling.
    b) Fill two 00 gelatin capsules (while wearing gloves) and insert into the vagina. May cause a burning feeling. Try with coconut oil first.
    Comment: "Used this mixed with raw organic cocoa butter to make vaginal suppositories to get rid of yeast infections and BV because I'm highly prone to them. Worked like a charm with no irritation or crazy side effects.

    * Iodine - internal and external. Mix a drop with coconut oil and apply. Iodine is drying so the coconut oil helps to moisturize the area.

    * Yogurt (plain) - eaten, and applied. Helps to restore beneficial micro-organisms. or a probiotic that contains acidophilus - eaten and applied.
    * Garlic - eaten and applied. Take a clove fresh 1-2 times per day.
    * Coconut oil - natural anti-fungal, eat a teaspoon with eat meal, and apply directly.
    * Colloidal silver gel - applied.
    * Oils: tea tree (aka melaleuca), lavender, oregano, cinnamon - dilute and apply directly. May cause a burning sensation.
    * Grapefruit seed extract - dilute and apply.
    * Potassium sorbate - make a paste and apply. It's used to stop the growth of yeast when making beer.
    * Hydrogen peroxide - some dilute it 50/50, some use it straight (might depend on the HO percent.)

    Treat the PH imbalance with ACV, from a comment on Earthclinic.com:
    I suffered for years with vaginal yeast infections. I was convinced it was sugar related. Then, in solidarity with my hubby who has gout, I started to DRINK 2 teaspoons ACV at night before bed (mixed in 1/2 cup water). This cured me!!!! I have since found out that the PH of my body was off due to too much caffeine and stress. We focus sometimes too much on curing the symptoms, when the PH balance of the whole body is the answer.

    Useful method for women, from EarthClinic:
    1) Melt 2T coconut oil
    2) Add 4 drops each tea tree and lavender essential oils
    3) Mix well
    4) Pour into silicone stick shaped or bullet shaped molds
    5) Freeze (20 mins)
    The resulting sticks can be inserted into the vagina which is both soothing and helps to treat the infection. A pad or paper towel will be necessary for awhile to absorb melting oil.

    Potential treatments (not cures) for oral and vaginal herpes
    From Mary Jo Fahey's Iodine book:
    In his iodine article on his Tahoma Clinic Web site, Dr. Wright relays a story about iodine’s ability to inactivate the herpes virus:
    " Herpes simplex (herpes) outbreaks can be stopped cold, but it often takes longer for the sore to heal itself over."

    He explains that using SSKI mixed 50-50 with Dimethyl sulfox-
    ide (DMSO) works better, as the DMSO enables SSKI to penetrate much more deeply into the tissues and kill germs.

    From an interview with Lynne Farrow (author of The Iodine Crisis):
    People have written to me saying that they haven't had a herpes outbreak since they were on iodine.

    From grizz on CureZone:
    I suggest using Colloidal Silver for your herpes problem.

    Colloidal Silver kills all bacteria, virus & fungus safely and without side effects. Apply Colloidal Silver topically to your herpes breakouts. You can make a CS Salve by mixing it with aloe vera. (or spray it on your breakouts)
    Also take CS internally to fight the herpes virus. I suggest 20ppm Colloidal Silver. If it is not available locally, you can get a generator to make your own. CS is better than antibiotics to kill off bacteria & virus.

    See complete details here:

    Testimonials are at the end of the above report.

    More testimonials:

    From Learner1 on PR:
    Not sure anyone can fully recover from one of these viruses...my understanding is they'll always be there, ready to pounce again if immune function is compromised.

    That said, I know other patients who've been through artesunate treatment, in combination with other antiviral strategies and nutritional support who have beaten HHV-6 back to pretty much nil and gone on with their lives.

    Re. Oral Herpes from Athene on PR:
    Are you taking lysine for your herpes virus? I take 3 grammes a day and it keeps it fully under control. When I first got herpes it was systemic, and attacked my liver and heart, as well as filling my whole oesophagus and mouth with sores. I've had several life-threatening illnesses and this was certainly one of them. After the initial crisis passed, I spent several years having several sores at a time on my lips and my throat, constantly, and occasional mild lesions on my liver (I don't know how many but they were found by chance twice in scans). I found out about Lysine ten years ago and since then I've had not more than 4 cold sores.

    Your immune system uses lysine to fight the herpes virus, and the virus itself uses arginine to reproduce itself. If you make sure you always consume more lysine than arginine, you are ensuring your immune system has the upper hand. There's a whole diet you can follow, but I prefer to just use a supplement to tip the balance in my favour, because following the diet means cutting out a whole load of foods which are packed with all kinds of nutrition.

    @Kina Please let me know if this post breaks any guidelines even though I've added a disclaimer at the top.
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  10. Shoshana

    Shoshana Northern USA

    Northern USA
    I agree with above poster who suggested you should be seen again by a doctor if you have not been, very recently.

    In addition, I don't use that fluconazole, either. I find that a product called Candex, is very helpful instead, for plain yeast. It is sold over the counter. But, it would not help anything bacterial, etc.

    Mirshine's suggestions are good too, in my opinion, for ongoing.

    I have no idea the answer to your question about herpes.

    I do take lysine capsules, as PatJ's post included, which help me, I believe.
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  11. perchance dreamer

    perchance dreamer Senior Member

    I rarely get yeast infections anymore, but did recently when I had to take a course of antibiotics after a surgery. My nurse practitioner recommended Yeast Arrest, and it worked very well and was soothing. My NP told me that 1 a day would probably be better than the 2 the company recommends. Two can be too intense. Amazon sells this product.

    A long time ago I used the boric acid capsules, and they worked, too. For me, the Yeast Arrest worked faster.

    https://www.amazon.com/Vitanica-Arr...8&qid=1502897911&sr=1-1&keywords=yeast arrest
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  12. herpesbaby

    herpesbaby Senior Member

    You have no idea how much I appreciate your post. Thank you indeed <3
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  13. Starsister

    Starsister Senior Member

    This is such an important topic, esp for women and those with CFS. It was the first thing I identified in a book that listed my exact symptoms...along with the CFS chapter. The Candida overgrowth chapter, as well as the many other books on yeast and Candida being underlying cause for many CFS folks, really made the connection between my chronic Candida, years of sinus congestion, leaky gut syndrome and paying attention to ph levels in my body and the food I ate, The winning treatments (although it is something I keep under control, never to be fully rid of) for me have been homeopathic rectal suppositories that my Chinese medicine dr turned me onto: Sanum brand Pleo Alb as well as Ecological Formulas Caprystatin, and Syntol AMD capsules from Arthur Andrew.

    I buy large quantities of them on the Internet at much lower prices that my practioner office or other places on Internet. I can keep things under control with the Caprystatin and Syntol when I start to get symptoms, but if it has gotten way out of control I reach for the suppositories which are only used for a sort time with one day in between....so maybe 3 or 4 suppositories per episode (they are pricey) I was desparate years ago as the things the reg Drs prescribe or are in your pharmacy were just making me worse after so many years. I also take some capsules that aid with digestion of sugar ..Brand Ness formula 21 Sugar Digest, before or after I've had sugar that feeds the yeast so immediately in me. I can start itching minutes into having sweets, it's bazaar.
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  14. Dainty

    Dainty Senior Member

    I struggled with this for several months after three rounds of antibiotics. It was a nightmare.

    If you are currently in a lot of suffering, I highly recommend Yeast Arrest suppositories. Don't believe they're just 'homeopathic"...if you look at the "inactive" ingredients there's boric acid, neem oil, and tea tree oil, all of which are used individually to treat yeast infections all on their own. It also contains probiotics.

    When symptoms were most severe, my naturopath had me using one in the morning and one at night for the first week, then one a day, and gradually reducing it. I experienced significant relief the very first day. This is from itching so bad it was preventing sleep and almost had me going to the ER one night because I couldn't rest, couldn't stop whimpering and digging my fingernails into things for hours it was so bad.

    Now this stuff has a permanent place in my medicine cabinet. Just in case.

    Taking caprylic acid orally is another thing that can help. Before I had the antibiotics it was all I needed to get rid of yeast infections.
  15. datura


    I use boric acid (vaginal suppository) and it works really well. I make my own, 00 gelatin capsules, regular boric acid powder from the drugstore, and pack it in the capsules. It gets kind of watery down there so I use it before bedtime, for seven days for a definite infection, and then as needed for maintenance or if things start to feel itchy but there isn't yet an infection. Also coconut oil, I didn't like using it intravaginally, but orally (contains caprylic acid). Pau d' arco herbal supplement works for me, too, but I use it in addition to the boric acid suppositories.
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  16. Starsister

    Starsister Senior Member

    Candida and leaky gut are constant struggles everyday for me. Guess the treatment depends on what the itching is from. I used to get what theybcalled " yeast infections" constantly then learned about candida overgrowth when I was desperate and the monostat remedies were actually making me worse. Now i have other symptoms first before it gets to vaginal itching...like rectal itching and vaginal soreness. For years I could keep in check with pleo albicans rectal suppositories from my Chinese medicine practitioner...or I get them cheaper online. Now I take caprylic acid, Syntol AMD, and formula 21sugar digest when I have first sign of symptoms, and now rarely need the suppositories. I also take a probiotic once or twice daily, every single day, that has as many strains as I can find. I'm so sensitive to sugar and carbs that(I know it sounds crazy) but I can feel the vaginal and rectal itching within minutes after eating loads of sugar. Like as soon as it hits my stomach it goes into my boodstream and feeds the candida or yeast.
  17. Dechi

    Dechi Senior Member

  18. Mel9

    Mel9 Senior Member

    NSW Australia
  19. Dechi

    Dechi Senior Member

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  20. Runner5

    Runner5 Senior Member

    I found that diaper rash cream, the kind that is a moisture repellent worked well to protect the exterior skin from becoming damp and thus harboring aiding yeast, I get some sort of organic natural no-scent, no perfume type. This doesn't touch the internal stuff. Diluted apple cider vinegar wash worked briefly for itch relief but not as well as otc stuff like Vagisil and irritated my skin to the point I discontinued use. Internally I just use miconazole but it won't clear it up unless I cut out sugar, grain and bad soap.

    The culprit for me was a couple of allergies. I was allergic to soap - so I had to go to an all natural some kind of goat milk thing I found at the store. Second I had to give up eating grain. Third I had to avoid sugar as much as I could (I have a sweet tooth, I really like chocolate etc.) I am so sensitive to white cane sugar that I suspect I might be allergic to it.

    This is just advice for 'ye' old regular yeast infection' - sounds like you'll have to work with your doc.

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