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Embarrassed to use a cane

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by Offset Entity, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Offset Entity

    Offset Entity

    some people carry there surfboards on the side of there bikes, maybe you or a friend could rig something up with a foldable walker? that would be pretty sweet.
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  2. Offset Entity

    Offset Entity


    Been using the cane for a couple weeks now. i now see it as an essential part of my health toolbox.
    it helps me so much and there have been times where i wouldn't have gone out and i did anyway but with the cane. it makes me feel safe stable and less self-conscious when im moving really slow.

    but there have been some cons as well. every old guy that uses a cane seems to be extremely interested in me and my issues and how i hold my cane. it starts off with a polite comment about canes in general then they start talking about what cane they like, then they talk about there injury, then they ask me about my issues, then they start telling me how i should be holding the cane or that i should be using there favorite style of cane etc.

    this has happened on 4 out of my 6 times ive been out with the cane theses past 2 weeks. twice the old timers have felt they have the right to grab it from me while where talking and try to show me how to use it or why there type is better or some such nonsense. Im like so not into the conversations and i really dont want to have my cane touched by strangers or taken out of my hands but both times i was too slow to respond to stop it. i ask for it back as soon as i process whats happening and they complied but its so invasive. They are coming from a good place and they mean well but they don't realize how intrusive and draining it is for me.

    everyone else i encounter while using the cane is really nonchalant about it and considerate. its like they get i wouldn't want to talk about it constantly and they just want to be helpful.

    anyway. im loving the cane and it helps alot. Its funny/ annoying but its like those old dudes think they are cane veterans needing to school the new recruit lol
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  3. ahimsa

    ahimsa Rarely on PR now

    @Offset Entity - I'm glad the cane has been helpful for you. I have a folding cane/seat that I use when I need to sit down (due to orthostatic intolerance, dropping blood pressure issues). I also had a bit of an adjustment using it regularly.

    But I'm so sorry that people are being so intrusive. Taking your cane away from you? That's an absolute no-no! :jaw-drop::mad:

    I have had lots of people ask me about my folding seat/cane but no one has ever tried to take it from me.

    People can often be very bad about respecting boundaries. :rolleyes:

    Again, I'm so sorry that this is happening. I do understand how this can happen so fast that you don't realize it until it's too late.

    But now that you have had it happen a few times I would avoid getting within arm's length of anyone who seems overly interested in your cane or in teaching you how to use it. It seems like it would help to keep them as far enough away as you can so that they can't touch the cane. Just a thought. I'm sure it's hard to remember all this since the cane is still so new.

    Sending you hugs! :hug:
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