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Email from Unrest: Can you Host a House Party & show Unrest?

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by Countrygirl, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Countrygirl

    Countrygirl Senior Member

    Dear friends,

    We are excited to announce that the Time for Unrest campaign is launching 10 DAYS of HOUSE PARTIES in early January. Between January 5th - 14th, we need as many people as possible to host a small screening of Unrest in your home to educate more people in your inner circles about ME - and inspire them to take action with us! Sign up here to get started! The film will be available on our digital platforms and and DVD/Blu-ray.

    Hosting a house party is simple! Sign up and follow these steps.
    What is a house party? It's simply a watch party at your home where you can provide more information about ME and take actions together. Hosting a house party is so simple! It can be as big or as small as you like (two people or twenty!) and you can hold the event without even leaving your home. And we'll be there for you, helping you through each step of the process! You don't have to know your date, just sign up today and we will get started on a plan together.

    Unrest gathering by hosted by Chronic Support - an example of what your house party can look like.

    Let's keep talking about this film, this issue, and advocating together for better lives for everyone living with ME.

    It's #TimeforUnrest.

    In Solidarity,

    Laurie Jones
    Unrest Global Impact Director

    P.S. Interested in hosting a larger community or campus-wide event? You can still host a community screening!
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