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Dealing with People Who Don't Believe the Illness Is Real

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by slayadragon, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. slayadragon

    slayadragon Senior Member

    Andrea Run video blogs about how to control the conversation with people who do not believe that "contested illnesses" are real.

    >Everyone with contested illness knows that one of the hardest parts about it -- about mold illness or Lyme disease or chronic fatigue syndrome -- is that a lot of times people don't believe you and say really cruel things to you related to their thinking that it might be psychological or you might be lazy or whatever.

    >These are really difficult situations to get into, hard conversations, because a lot of times, people are not interested in evidence. And no matter what you say, they are still going to think that you are wrong or that you are crazy.

    >Usually it comes down to the idea that I don't see any official statements that this disease you're talking about really exists, and this specialist you're going to could just be a quack.

    >You're in a situation where you're going through a terrible and scary disease, and you need help. You need support. You need people to be there for you. It's a struggle just getting through day to day. But the very people that you need to help you are looking at you like you're nuts.

    >I realized that the loss of control in these conversations only occurs if you engage in the conversation like it's a regular conversation....It's not actually that. If people are coming at you convinced that you're crazy and convinced that you're totally deluded thinking that you have this disease or thinking that you need to do the things that you do for it, it's already not a normal conversation.

    >If someone is coming at you like this, it's probably not you, it's probably their own issues. And there are a lot of issues that contested illness can trigger for people.
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