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Dealing with lost career dreams and goals

Discussion in 'Lifestyle Management' started by Tulip, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. markmc20001

    markmc20001 Guest

    Right on Mack! I'm going to give you some priceless advice. I mean priceless. I would pay anything to have this advice at your age.

    Stay healthy buddy!

    You are young, and have a great opporunity to benefit from protecting your body and your mind. It's really a matter of survival in todays world.

    Here it is, you ready? Stay away from anything toxic you can. Eat good whole food. No corn syrup, saturated fats, preservatives, chemicals. Anything that is not natural is questionable. read the ingredients, if it has a name like it is made in a lab, watch out.

    Another biggy. Avoid alcohol and drugs. Prescription drugs too, when possible(you might need anti-biotics and stuff sometimes, but avoid those anti-depressants etc.. if you can).

    You might think the alcohol or drugs aren't that bad, and it isn't harming you at the time. However, all these insults to your immune system can be enough to deplete your glutathione and make you susceptible to disease. You may not get sick for years down the road, but your body has a memory and your weakest link might be your stomach because you drank to much when you were partying in high school.

    Exercise you mind and body. It takes discipline, but take time to exercise you won't regret it!

    All the chemicals and stuff can weaken your system. You get a weakened system from drugs or something and you could pay sometime unexpectedly in the future.

    There is no going back for a do-over. Life is short and we get one shot.

    You have got a bright future, if you make the right decisions now.

    Good luck!

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