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David Tuller to appear at Forgotten Plague premier in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Feb 28

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by Sasha, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. Sasha

    Sasha Fine, thank you

    If I were in Amsterdam, I'd go just to thank David Tuller!
  2. mango

    mango Senior Member

    Via Maija Haavisto onTwitter

    Waiting for #forgottenplagueNL to start. Seated behind Tuller and Visser, next to @Gooische_Vrouw.

    Powerful film, lots of sobs to be heard in the audience, especially when Whitney Dafoe was shown. #forgottenplagueNL

    Most of the interviews could have been longer, since the movie isn't so long anyway. Hillary Johnson was great. #forgottenplagueNL

    Tuller and Visser are engaged in a discussion about terminology/names. #forgottenplagueNL

    Visser talks about how both physical and mental exertion makes #mecfs much worse. Wonder if someone here doesn't know? #forgottenplagueNL

    David Tuller from Berkeley, prominent PACE critic, is speaking now. Got interested in #mecfs because a friend was sick. #forgottenplagueNL

    Tuller: [Belief in GET] is an ideology, as it's not based on facts. Science not based on facts is kind of like a cult. #forgottenplagueNL

    Tuller: I've shown the PACE study to my colleagues at Berkeley and they're like "What? How can this get published?" #forgottenplagueNL

    Tuller: Even if their findins were accurate, which they're not, they did not have informed consent. Ethical lapse. #forgottenplagueNL

    Tuller: The PACE authors are very aware their answers are inadequate. There's a court hearing in the UK in April. #forgottenplagueNL

    Tuller: In the next year there's going to be big movement to get rid of this trial. #forgottenplagueNL

    Tuller: I have to be careful when speaking in public because I'm so enraged, I can be defamatory and can be sued. forgottenplagueNL

    I asked David Tuller how long he thinks it will take Lancet to retract the trial (cf. Wakefield!). He hopes this year. #forgottenplagueNL

    Tuller believes Wakefield autism/vaccine retraction makes Lancet more resistant to retracting PACE, too. #forgottenplagueNL

    Tuller: What the PACE researchers have done is disgraceful and horrifying. #forgottenplagueNL

    David Tuller is a warm, compassionate, humble guy. Not about ego like J... *cough* C... *cough*. #forgottenplagueNL

    @fairmileheed He also said a lot of interesting stuff off-record. Now he's being interviewed for Dutch ME magazine.

    Sorry for the flood earlier. To clarify, PACE is a fraudulent study published in Lancet, threatening the lives of millions #mecfs patients.
  3. JAH

    JAH Senior Member

    San Jose
    Great stuff here, thank you @mango
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  4. Bob


    England (south coast)
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