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David Tuller to appear at Forgotten Plague premier in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Feb 28


Fine, thank you
Forgotten Plague on FB said:
Our upcoming February 28th Amsterdam premiere is drawing a lot of great attention! At last count, the event has sold 96 out of 116 tickets and organizers are looking into adding more seating space in the venue. Even with more space, the event is still on track to sell out well before the event date!

As an added cherry on top, the event will feature an appearance by journalist and public health scholar David Tuller, of UC Berkeley, who has made waves internationally with his in-depth critique of the PACE Trial. Funds raised from the event will go charitable initiatives for ME.

It's a hot ticket so reserve your spot today!


If I were in Amsterdam, I'd go just to thank David Tuller!


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Via Maija Haavisto onTwitter https://twitter.com/DiamonDie/

Waiting for #forgottenplagueNL to start. Seated behind Tuller and Visser, next to @Gooische_Vrouw.

Powerful film, lots of sobs to be heard in the audience, especially when Whitney Dafoe was shown. #forgottenplagueNL

Most of the interviews could have been longer, since the movie isn't so long anyway. Hillary Johnson was great. #forgottenplagueNL

Tuller and Visser are engaged in a discussion about terminology/names. #forgottenplagueNL

Visser talks about how both physical and mental exertion makes #mecfs much worse. Wonder if someone here doesn't know? #forgottenplagueNL

David Tuller from Berkeley, prominent PACE critic, is speaking now. Got interested in #mecfs because a friend was sick. #forgottenplagueNL

Tuller: [Belief in GET] is an ideology, as it's not based on facts. Science not based on facts is kind of like a cult. #forgottenplagueNL

Tuller: I've shown the PACE study to my colleagues at Berkeley and they're like "What? How can this get published?" #forgottenplagueNL

Tuller: Even if their findins were accurate, which they're not, they did not have informed consent. Ethical lapse. #forgottenplagueNL

Tuller: The PACE authors are very aware their answers are inadequate. There's a court hearing in the UK in April. #forgottenplagueNL

Tuller: In the next year there's going to be big movement to get rid of this trial. #forgottenplagueNL

Tuller: I have to be careful when speaking in public because I'm so enraged, I can be defamatory and can be sued. forgottenplagueNL

I asked David Tuller how long he thinks it will take Lancet to retract the trial (cf. Wakefield!). He hopes this year. #forgottenplagueNL

Tuller believes Wakefield autism/vaccine retraction makes Lancet more resistant to retracting PACE, too. #forgottenplagueNL

Tuller: What the PACE researchers have done is disgraceful and horrifying. #forgottenplagueNL

David Tuller is a warm, compassionate, humble guy. Not about ego like J... *cough* C... *cough*. #forgottenplagueNL

@fairmileheed He also said a lot of interesting stuff off-record. Now he's being interviewed for Dutch ME magazine.

Sorry for the flood earlier. To clarify, PACE is a fraudulent study published in Lancet, threatening the lives of millions #mecfs patients.