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citrulline malate, ammonia and brain fog

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by ebethc, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. ebethc

    ebethc Senior Member

    I just started citrulline malate, and my brain fog is WORSE and I can smell a faint ammonia smell... I hope I'm releasing some ammonia, and the brain fog is worse before better, but I'm curious to know what others' experience has been... anything to share?
  2. mkamm


    I've tried citrulline malate and noticed no change for the better or worse after 4-6 weeks (can't remember exactly how long) so I stopped it.
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  3. student

    student Senior Member

    I had reasonable results with this: Citicholine - ornithin (plus Arginin)

    But the topic to look into is likely to be: PEM. Loosing a lot more energy – when continuing an over-work (PEM) setting. Realy stop doing – what brings you into this PEM reaction. Pacing / changing (maybe Stopp-stopp Gupta-) Retraining may help. But what ever this is. please 1. find your way out early.

    preparing with Q10 – you might take that 60 min early. Maybe backing soda (1/ 4) spoon full- and other measures (very early) may help you too.

    Having entered into – something like overworked PEM. Than a real pay off situation will give you 4 difficult days. So trying any chemicals – may realy lead you in the wrong direction. You need to – deal with the hole situation. Stopp / and move out. Awai from where you were. (Than find little things – that help you – while going out.)

    Part of all this- is discribed as an inner process. A hyper virus reaction – with in your protection system. Gupta and others try to establish – an Amygdala system theorie. So you wind your own – inner system down- and learning to handle- such trigger – also from the inside.. SEE for Gupta / and DNRS retraining theories.

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