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case report about lowering high homocysteine (C677T and A1298C +/-)

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Santino, May 25, 2016.

  1. Santino

    Santino Senior Member


    I just wanted report my case here for everybody who is interested in lowering homocysteine. See my genetics in the signature. I am compound heterozygous.

    Januar 2015 my homocysteine was measured 13.2. November 2015 my homocysteine was measured 50. At the same time folate levels was low normal and B12 war above normal (due to a hydroxocobalamin injection 3 days earlier).

    One month later without any further injections my b12 level was low normal. I did not do anything about my homocysteine or the low b12 for months.

    I have a severe mast cell disorder and only am able to eat white basmati rice (which has almost no nutrients in it), chicken, flax seed oil and I drink one japanese green tea daily. Also I can eat brazil nuts every few days.

    So on that diet my homocysteine went up to 50 within about a year (the brazil nuts I only started to eat after the HC was measured that high).

    I cannot tolerate Methylfolate. It get the most severe mast cell reactions I can get from it.

    In mart 2016 I started using a vitamin B supplement that contained 1mg of folic acid, 1mg of methycobalamine and 50mg b6.

    I could take it 2 weeks but then I get mast cell activation from the methylcobalamine (tested all ingredients afterwards step by step).

    So I stopped that.

    Instead I injected hydrxocobalamine again 500mcg (together with about 50mg B1) once a week for 6 weeks. I ordered folic acid powder and took 1-5mg (difficult to dose exactly) daily for about 4 weeks. Also I too 10-40mg B6 daily for about 8 weeks.

    Today O got lab results and my folate levels (plasma) now show up high normal, my b12 is above normal again (last injection was 12 days ago) and my homosysteine is now in normal range (8.8mikromol/l) and the normal range is 4.5-12.4.

    So to conclude:

    I could effectively and easily lower a pretty high homocysteine with only hydroxocobalamine, folic acid and b12. My diet even is deficient in B5 and B2 and do not tolerate supplements with those.

    Unfortunately my symptoms were not positively influenced by the "treatment". Only during the treatment, especially on the day of the B12 injection I felt clearer mentally. That effect lasted only a day though and now is no more present. I guess that my homocysteine was so high because of B12 deficiency. Because despite injecting 500mcg, my level showed up almost deficient 4 weeks later. Also my folate level was low normal and likely was contributing to the high homocysteine.

    Hope this help people believing that methyfolate is not always necessary, even for people who are compound heterozygous. There is another report from @PeterPositive, who even could lower homocysteine with homozygous c677T mutation and folic acid only.

    Though of course I can only report about effects on homocysteine and there might be other reasons to use methylfolate. As I said, I am not better now. I feel almost the same compared to when my homocysteine was 50.

    What is still a problem and where no doctor until now found a cause is, that my creatinine is always too high indicating that my renal function is only moderate (I am 28 years) or there is excessive production of creatinine...

    Best regards,

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  2. Valentijn

    Valentijn Senior Member

    Supplementing methylfolate isn't necessary, for people who can eat a decent amount of vegetables. Which you couldn't, due to MCAS.
  3. Santino

    Santino Senior Member

    Not sure if you read the whole report but that is what I was saying. And even more: It is not even necessary for people who cannot eat vegetables at all. At least not to lower homocysteine. Of course certain vegetables have many other positive impacts on health that people would not want to miss. But for lowering homocysteine when compound heterozygous, it is obviously possible with low-moderate dose of folic acid.

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