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Can’t get out of

Discussion in 'Sleep' started by warriorgirl, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. warriorgirl


    Montreal, Canada
    Hi people,

    I previously posted about not being able to fall asleep. Another problem of mine happens in the morning. I just can’t get out of bed before noon, 12:30. I just lay there, immobile. My body just refuses to get up and it requires way too much energy. I wonder if I should just force myself out of bed just to try living on a normal schedule... anyone else has/had this problem? Anything helps/helped? Thanks!
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  2. Runner5

    Runner5 Senior Member

    It helps to know what you're taking, age, time with illness etc.

    I could say magnesium, **B-Vitamins**(super important tend to be low in CFS / ME peeps), Vitamin D, and especially amino acids such as tryptophan -- but you might already do that. So I'm pretty sure you've read all the general web non-helpful crap "don't use the internet before sleeping" blah bla blah blah

    I have learned the hard way is to keep a diet notebook. A lot of my CFS / ME symptoms tie back directly to foods and my GI health (which for the record is totally crappy). It turns out I am very sensitive to grain and have a bad reaction to wheat / oats. Also cortisol and how I eliminate my stress hormones seems to be "wonky." I've found out a lot of interesting stuff with tracking food -- but really honestly, none of it can be easily explained but I have been able to adjust things to where I live a little easier.

    I don't really have suggestions for getting up and at 'em so to speak.

    I think CFS / ME might be the ultimate trial and error illness.
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  3. Sundancer

    Sundancer Senior Member

    nope, do not force the body to do anything that it tells you you shouldn't. I do recognize and it is awful, give body rest. I took tea in a thermos and a small something to eat with me when I went to bed. So that when able to sit up a bit I could take a drink. Drinking is mighty important.

    no more useful advise but do not force yourself, you'll get much sicker that way.
  4. Sushi

    Sushi Moderation Resource Albuquerque

    I agree about drinking. My autonomic specialist said to drink at least 750 ml of electrolytes before getting out of bed. At times I've taken the thermos route too.
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  5. Wolfcub

    Wolfcub Senior Member

    SW UK
    I too was wondering if taking something might help you. Electrolyte drink sounds good. I wonder if a spoon of honey would help as well? That did help me when I was at my worst.

    A really nice mellow roast brewed ground coffee was always something I looked forward to and a mighty good reason to get up! But that of course depends on how you handle coffee. I like it, and there are many times now I can enjoy it again in the mornings, but there were times this last few months when it would make me a quivering wreck. It might not suit you....

    But I don't agree with forcing yourself to "get up and get going". You should get up when you can. There is nothing wrong with getting out of bed or even waking up at midday if you are not feeling so good. I have slept until midday myself a handful of times over the last months.
    Getting up early has become the thing to do. There seem to be even "competitons" among some kind of people to be up at five....four even!! Yikes! It's almost sounding like a superiority thing to me.I am catching many zzzz's at that time and hope I will continue to do so!
    Sleep and rest until you are able to get going. If you have appointments make them for the afternoons.
  6. Mel9

    Mel9 Senior Member

    NSW Australia
    I agree. Never push yourself. From experience, that strategy always backfires.

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