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Blood Test Results Very High B12 and Folate over Range

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by bertiedog, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. bertiedog

    bertiedog Senior Member

    South East England, UK
    I was wondering if my blood tests tell me anything about what could be going on regarding me trying to get my Krebs Cycle going and also better methylation.

    Serum Ferritin 40 range (5-204) (don't take any iron supps)
    Serum Vitamin B12 1213 ng/l range(189-883 ng/l)
    Serum Folate >20 range 4.80-19.00 ug/L

    Since mid September this year I have been using on average 3000 mcg Transdermal B12 which I believe is cynacobalamin to very good effect energy-wise. It made a massive difference to my energy and ability to exercise very quickly. I now do between 5000 - 6000 steps everyday according to my Fitbit.

    have run into trouble whenever I have added any extra methylb12 in the form of aggression, hyperactive and insomnia plus migraines. I am ok if I add any ADNB12 in a liquid form (Metabolics) but I don't notice much effect in the liquid form of HydroxyB12 if I haven't taken any TD spray.

    I hadn't used any B12 for 3 days prior to my blood test.

    There is 112 mcg MB12 and 112 AdnB12 in my multi which I take daily as well as 250 mcg calcium folinate and 250 mcg methylfolate.

    I cannot tolerate any extra methylfolate because of the same symptoms mentioned above. The migraines I get make me feel suicidal if I take methylfolate, or MB12 they become permanent until days after stopping it.

    A Metabolic Analysis Profile this year showed I had a high need for folate and also a medium need for B12.

    Thanks for any help. Forgot to say I do eat vegetables each day and also a lot of peanuts which contain natural folate but I am going to try very hard to change to other nuts from today because I do think I might well be addicted to them as I also have a lot of snacks of just peanut butter which I now crave.

    Dr Amy Yasko says that in some people extra folate can turn into glutamate which is a neuro toxin and I am sure I am one of those people.

  2. Violeta

    Violeta Senior Member

    Yeah, peanuts are like little B vitamin supplements! They also contain sulforaphane(sp?), which in any appreciable amount causes me headaches, along with a lot of other symptoms.
  3. globalpilot

    globalpilot Senior Member

    It looks like the B12 is from your supps.
    The folate - I believe the RDA is 400mcg. You are taking 250mcg so it could be from your supp depending how much folate is in your food.
    SIBO also can cause elevated folate and I have this as well (both SIBO and elevated folate).
  4. joshi81

    joshi81 Senior Member

    you know which is your genetics? i eman if you eat vegetables every day why you ere in so high need of folate???
    And why you have serum folate so high ... the answer could be that you have a loto of folate but maybe you have some genetic mutation on mthfr wich does not allow you to turn that form of folate in the active form of methylfolate who knos...
  5. Freddd

    Freddd Senior Member

    Salt Lake City
    Hi Pam,

    Yes, MeCbl startup can hurt and be terribly uncomfortable. Obviously the CyCbl works on a few things and MeCbl is 100 times more powerful and works on 5-10 times as many symptoms as HyCbl or CyCbl. The amount in a multivitamin may be absorbed at rates from 2-3 mcg to 10-15 mcg depending if your entire absorption system works as assumed. Swallowing b12 is very inefficient, about 1% plus up to 10-20 mcg. You may also have paradoxical folate deficiency from the calcium folinate. As more symptoms get worse with CyCbl than get better it is usually makes startup effects worse and worse the longer it is taken.

    From your most unpleasant neuropsyc symptoms upon getting out of methyltrap, which may also be deadlocking ATP production (some MeCbl is converted to AdoCbl). I would expect that you have damage to the neurons in the limbic system. Most likely you also have considerable anxiety. The responses you have usually appear at the low end of carnitine in the brain.

    The sequence often goes like this after a minute carnitine dose; anxiety, panic, fear, anger, rage, homicidal rage, sudden severe possibly suicidal depression and fades over several days on its own and as you go back into deadlocked methyltrap.

    Anyway, that's what I have seen with quite a few people. It's one of the several most frequent response pathways to methylation and ATP startup.

    Folate can get quite high because it isn't getting used in methyltrap. And all cobalamins; active, inactive and junk, count the same in serum cobalamin. So inactive CyCbl is absorbed and causes high cobalamin and may even help cause the methyltrap.

    I went through years of terrible headaches during methyltrap/ATP-blockage. I went through months of highly volatile mood and personality changes during neurological healing. I did not have as much limbic involvement as you appear to have. My damage was in different places mostly. Everything you say fits the pattern of partial methylation block, methyltrap and partial ATP block including your reported responses to various nutrients. Good luck.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2013
  6. bertiedog

    bertiedog Senior Member

    South East England, UK
    Thanks Freddd

    Regarding symptoms I don't have any anxiety until my energy runs out say walking of shopping and then I start to get very sweaty, panicky and my bp shoots up (not down). Before my adrenals and thyroid were treated I used to have severe hypotension but that is gone now because of endocrine support.

    My moods are generally very well balanced and in control but this all changes when I add more methyl groups. I become somebody I don't recognise and really don't like at that time. I feel out of control but I wonder also how much of this is because of the excruitiating migraines I get when adding more methyl groups. I do have lots of migraines anyway but these usually go away with painkillers however when I add extra methyl groups they just don't go away.

    From today I am changing my diet again to try and cut out so many peanuts and cut right back on nuts in general because probably I am having problems anyway with tyramine and histamine. Its like my capacity for pain has disappeared. What happens is I get rid of the early morning migraines through the day and usually no sign but the next day when I wake up it has started up again.

    Certainly I am going to be really careful about what I eat to see if I can get rid of these migraines and at the moment I don't want to mess it up further by adding in more methyl groups. However I will see if I can find a transdermal MB12 rather than the Cyna one I am using at the moemnt.


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