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Basic Questions about my SNPs

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by acer2000, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. acer2000

    acer2000 Senior Member

    Hey guys/gals,

    I tried the Rich's basic methylation protocol a while back for several months and did not notice any symptom changes one way or another (even at full dose). The only thing I noticed is that when I took SAM-e (either on the other supps or not) it made me feel a bit hyper. So I didn't pay much attention to it. Recently I have been considering revisiting it. I have relatively old results from the Yasko genetics test and honestly I don't know what they mean. I wonder if there is something in my profile that prevented me from feeling any effect from the methylation protocol and/or can explain my reaction to SAM-e. I'm pretty foggy and I find the Yasko book confusing. I just don't know where to start. I'd appreciate if someone could help explain my SNPs to me, so maybe I can take another (better educated) shot at this. Also, given the info I have now, is there any value for me to get the 23andme test also? Or do I have enough info here to go on...

    ACE DEL16 ++
    CBS A360A --
    CBS Y233Y (C699T) ++
    CBS 313 --
    CBS N212N --
    COMT H62H +-
    COMT V158M +-
    COMTL136L --
    MAO R297R ++
    MTFHR A222V (C677T) +-
    MTFHR E429A (A2756G) ++
    MTRR H595Y +-
    MTRR S175L +-
    MTRR K350A +-
    MTRR R415T --
    MTRR S257T --
    MTRR A919G (A66G) --
    NOS D298E +-
    SUOX S370S ++
    VDR Bsm/Taq ++
    VDR Fok +-
    VDR Taq ++
  2. ahmo

    ahmo Senior Member

    Northcoast NSW, Australia
    Hi acer. I can't spend much time right now, but your SNPs show why you had trouble w/ SAMe. I also got v over-excited on SAMe, later w/ MSM, a few years ago. Now I understand this was my first warning of a sulfur problem. You have CBS, SUOX,, both w/ ++, plus NOS. So sulfur is not your friend. Sterling Hill at has some good tips re sulfur. I eliminated sulfurous foods (actually high thiol, good reference here:; also, v interesting conversation re sulfur intolerance here:

    Amy Yasko suggests yucca to help decrease ammonia as sulfur byproduct. I used yucca tincture, found the taste awful. then I read about amino acid ornithine, tasteless and does the same job. Also lysine and butyrate help bind ammonia. I'll try to get back tomorrow w/ some more comments. It might be you haven't felt much of an effect is due to sulfur blocking the methylation cycle. I uncovered my sulfur intolerance when, on a limited GAPS diet, I developed eczema on myt face. When I finally stopped all my sulfur intake (eggs, cabbage, onion, garlic, etc.) my face cleared within 24 hours. The sulfur problem needs to be under control before implementing the other steps in methylation cycle. cheers, ahmo
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  3. acer2000

    acer2000 Senior Member

    Thanks I look forward to the further info. I guess I'll try the CBS protocol... its basically low sulfur foods, yucca/charcoal, and monitoring your sulfate/sulfite in urine with test strips, right? How will I know when its "under control"?

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