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After the Quench - what happens to methylation status post Niacin

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Journeyman, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Journeyman

    Journeyman Senior Member

    I'm keen to understand what happens after the following typical scenario:

    Once a week I take my methylation supplements to treat the various hetero/homo SNP's you can see in my signature block. (See my post from 28/4/16 as to why I only take them once a week now)

    Vit D for the VDR TAQ ++
    1mg Methyl Folate for the various MTHFR +/-
    1mg Ado/Methyl B12 Oil (B12 Oils)
    33mg P5P
    Benfotiamine 150mg

    I notice I'm a little tense (feeling like something caught in my throat for much of the day) after this regime and so guessing this is a sign of Overmethylation I take a 70mg Nicotinic Acid tablet once and then again later that night.

    What I'm interested to know is how my overall methylation cycle is left after this regime. Does taking the niacin cause the whole propped up methylation cycle to come crashing down again or do the massive residual stores of B12 that I've probably got stored in my liver from 2-3 years of B12 supplementation mean I'm actually in a constant state of overmethylation that is actually being relieved by the Niacin (albeit temporarily) ??

    PS - when I say 'propped up' I'm referring to how those various supplements being taken help aspects such as MTRR which fixes my B12 recycling IIRC, and the Benfotiamine which fixes my supposed BHMT-8 shortage etc., and whether the niacin might negate the positive effects of these supplements on the individual parts of my methylation cycle, or whether it just reduces the excess methyl groups that the fully functioning system might be generating....

    I think thats as clearly as I can explain it... I look forward to any helpful advice you might have..


  2. Mary

    Mary Moderator

    Southern California
    @Journeyman - FWIW, I take all the methyl supps during the day, and I take niacin at night for sleep, together with GABA and l-theanine, etc. The niacin together with the GABA supps really helps a lot with sleep.

    I don't think the niacin stops the methylation during the day; otherwise I would feel a lot worse. I don't take niacin during the day - I tried it once and it made me tired. Besides slowing methylation, it reduces cortisol.

    I can't give you the chemistry; someone else probably can do that. But I would just go on your symptoms. If you're doing pretty good with your current regimen, including niacin, I'd stick with it.

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