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A Message to ME/CFS Advocates and to the ME/CFS Community

Discussion in 'Action Alerts and Advocacy' started by Ecoclimber, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. Ecoclimber

    Ecoclimber Senior Member

    I meant to create a separate thread on this but instead posted on another thread. The link is below.

    Remember, Simon Wessely and his ilk believe that disability benefits and research perpetuate 'false illness belief'!

    Will you be able to deal with the fact that when you go to your doctor who has been treating you for your symptoms tells you he can no longer treat you and must refer you to a psychiatrist? This will happen if the NIH proposal goes through.

    The influence of the insurance industry concerning governmental policy is posted on the other thread.
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  2. anciendaze

    anciendaze Senior Member

    Recent disputes over the Alltrials petition, and Dr. Wesseley's support of same, have accused him of hypocrisy, or accused patient advocates of collaboration. I think the explanation is that patient advocates are trying to show that antidepressants, the most popular treatment among medical professionals, do not work very well for this illness. As for Dr. Wesseley, he has been fully consistent in advocating increased demand for his services, both as a therapist and as a hired gun for insurance and disability disputes. Take away antidepressants, and the only thing an ordinary doctor can do is refer to a psychiatrist.

    We are up against solid proof, in the case of the PACE trial, that advocates of the biopsychosocial approach were able to extract 5 million pounds from U.K. government coffers. How can you top that for effectiveness -- in the minds of researchers?
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