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A few questions before starting the Freddd protocol

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Johnmac, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. Johnmac

    Johnmac Senior Member

    I'm about to embark on the Freddd protocol. A few quickies before I start, if anyone (including Freddd of course) would be so kind:

    * Do my SNPs (below) suggest anything about fine-tuning my protocol?

    * Is there some reason not to take iron with other supps? (I fancy I'd heard Fred say that somewhere.)

    * I've been taking glutamine/glycine 2:1 daily. Cease?

    * I tick a few boxes on both Freddd's undermethylators and his overmethylators lists. What does that mean?

    * Freddd has vitamin A as one of his support supps. Isn't there study evidence that vitamin A does more harm than good?

    * What about niacin/B3? Freddd says to limit it. However I want to try the Freddd protocol on a friend who is a little delusional. Hoffer's orthomolecular studies & experience suggest that B3 is the key chemical for fixing psychosis, & to use lots of it.

    * Same friend is low in ferritin and magnesium. Currently supplementing, but probably not normalised yet. Should we start the protocol before those deficiencies have been made good?

    * Are lab tests for RBC folate & active B12 of use prior to starting the protocol?

    * My oldest symptom (40 years) is psoriasis. Has the protocol had any success against that?
    Thanks to all.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2014
  2. Critterina

    Critterina Senior Member

    Arizona, USA
    Hi @Johnmac ,

    Freddd's protocol was based on Freddd's experimenting on himself (and apparently others) without knowledge of his SNPs, so tweaking it based on your SNPs - not knowing what the difference in SNPs is - would be tweaking without a solid understanding. That said, many people have improved, and a few have gotten much worse, following his protocol, from what he and they write in this forum. His tale of recovery is astounding, in a good sense.

    Now, Freddd will probably disagree with me here, but we are each entitled to our own opinion, aren't we? Your SNPs suggest that your folate, biopterin, and methyl cycles are affected, but that you have one normal and one abnormal copy of most things, so it could be worse.

    The MTHFR A1298C suggests that methylfolate may help, particularly with emotional issues if you have any. The thing is, that methylfolate will help make more serotonin, but if I understand the MAO A SNP, that actually slows the breakdown of serotonin. So, while methylfolate may be good, you may want to start very slowly and increase gradually.

    The MTR and MTRR A66G suggest that some sort of B12 is in order. Freddd's protocol calls for methyl and adenosyl B12. Only the methyl form addresses the MTR and MTRR A66G SNPs, but it's possible that you could be sensitive to it, given the MAO A and some other of your SNPs. In that case, maybe hydroxyB12 would be a better choice. Maybe. (And this is the part where I'd expect Freddd's disagreement.) Which persons react to methylB12 and which do not, based on the SNPs we know about - doesn't seem really consistent to me.

    I don't know about anyone getting over psoriasis through methylation - but maybe it's just me that doesn't know. I know even less about your other questions.

    One thing about this site, if you want someones attention, put an "@" before their name and they will get an alert. So, for this, you want to include @Freddd in your message (and click on his name below where you are typing to get it to pop in there.) That or you can start a conversation with them...but then the rest of us don't see it.

    Best of luck with this,
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  3. Johnmac

    Johnmac Senior Member

    Thanks Critterina. Only one question, but what a great answer.

    I tried the Rich protocol 18 months ago. At that time I'd been doing Cutler-style chelation for 2 years, and had apparently loosened up enough mercury to give myself severe sulfur/thiol reactions. Just a drop of onion juice on my salad would put me in bed. I was almost disabled.

    Within days of commencing the Rich protocol - methylfolate but hydroxyB12, not methyl - I was fully recovered. A year's illness was reversed overnight. So there may be something to the folate response you discuss. I'll start low & slow as you suggest.

    I later took methyl B12 as an add-on to the Rich protocol. It didn't seem to do anything, for good or ill.

    Thanks for the @Freddd heads-up. Hopefully he'll have a look at the questions, above.

    (I must say the mechanics of the forum software here are much better than of other forums I've used. Yahoo, for example, is in the dark ages.)

    Thanks again,

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  4. Johnmac

    Johnmac Senior Member

    @Critterina - the above presumably explains why my current crash feels so much like serotonin syndrome - i.e. it probably is serotonin syndrome (perhaps among other things).

    As you might have seen on the other thread, I'm going to try keeping mB12 and m-folate in something like a 3:1 ratio for now, as too much m-folate seems quite harmful to me.

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