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5 month update

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by suzanne, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. suzanne

    suzanne Senior Member

    Hi all,

    just thougt it might help others if I give an update now and then.

    I am at 5 months now. I take most of the co factors ( besides vitamin D which makes me sick). i am taking 1250 mch of mb12 and 600mcg of m folate.

    The journey so far has been pretty tough in terms of most of my symptoms got worse and i had a few months of teeth pain. The symptoms that I had whcih were pre existing were mograin ( every other day) constant headaches and body itch. The body itch is worse - still ( driving me mad!) and the head pain is worse. The migraines i am only getting about every 2-3 weeks if i take a large dose of charcoal every day- I am guessing, that this is keeing my toxic load a bit down, and as it is helping the frequency of mgraines I am going to keep on it. My sleep pattern ( getting to sleep ) is still a problem with most nights not sleeping until 2 am and I am trying to rise by 9 am. I now have quite bad nausea and I did not have this before the protocol.

    I guess that i must still be in some protracted start up phase. Fredd would probably say i should increase the mb12 and mfolate- when I have tried this my already difficult symptoms become pretty unbearable- mainly increased body itch and headpain, so i m just deciding to leve the supplements at the current level and see how I progress over the next few months. I have to say that these first 5 months have been pretty shocking and i only hang in there as the alternatives (for all of us) are not good. i would be couch ridden if it were not for this protocol, so despite all the symptoms that are still worse I am grateful for the enery increase and LOVE my new exercise regime.

    The energy level I have is definitely better. I am now able to swim 5 days a week for about a kilometre and I am doing an occaisonal aerobics class.

    My main issues are the persistent body itching and headaches. Did anyone else have symptoms that lasted past the 5 month point but eventually got better? I dont know the answer to this so i just have to keep going.

    I really think that some of my problem is with high candida levels ( poo sample test verifies this) and also a mercury problem ( I say this as every time I try to chelate mercury I have the same sort of symtpoms I am having on this protocol). I find anti fungals cause me a lot of grief, so i am sure this is somethin I am going to have to deal with down the track if i feel I can add more stuff.

    A few weeks ago i have added chlorella just in case I have mercury being redistributed- my theory is that mercury could be causing the skin itching and hedaches to be worse? i am very gradually increasing the chlorella and seem to be ok on this- I am only taking 1.5 in am and same in pm. I have read that about 5 grams is optimal to help with mercury so i will just slowly keep pushing this up.

    has anyone else had experience taking chlorella whilst on the protocol?

    Lastly, I can report that I also have experimented a bit over the last month with acai and pomegranate extracts. I have read that pomegranate extract is meant to be good for fibromyalgia and also the N.O cycle. I have been amazed that either of these extracts at the tiniest of doses, also make my headaches, nausea and body itch worse! I have been amazed by this. I have kept lowering my dose and now only take 1/4 of 500mg pomegranate tablet. When my dose ws too high one day I was actually vomiting! I am wonderiing if my reasctions are an overload from a die off of yeast- it feels just the same as when i take antifungals. I have decided to give the pomegranate 3 months and see if there is any improvement. I know this is not an allergic reaction as acai and pomegranate give me the same reaction- and the vomiting doesnt sound like a typical allergy reaction. i just think it makes my toxic burden very high- thank god for the person who gave me the charcoal tip.

    I will try and report in from time to time if I have any change. i hope this may be helpful to others, and would love to hear of anyone that may be further on in their journey than me, that has anyinsights that may help.

    Sorry this is a bit long but i wanted to capture what is happening.

  2. suzanne

    suzanne Senior Member

    Oops- I had meant to also add that the research I have done on acai and pomegranate extracts indicates it may have antifungal properties. This may help to explain why this stuff makes me feel like I have the worst die off symptoms- perhaps that is what is happening. However, this is just speculation. How long can the die off symptoms last? I have been on low dose pomegranate now for a month. I am trying to convince myself to hang in there for another few months and just see what happens.

    I am really puzzled by my bodies reaction to this stuff and have concluded that it must be targetting a real problem I have ( the only thing that I can figure is the candida, which I know is a high burden last tested a 3) but seems impossible for me to get under control. I always seem to have symptoms of candida but even after 3 months on hogh doses of nizoral and diflucan, the body itching never seemed to get better- so i stopped taking that stuff last year.
  3. Lynne B

    Lynne B Senior Member

    sydney, australia
    Hi, Suzanne,

    I don't know what protocol you are on or how well tested it is, but your bodily reactions to some of the items you mention, like pomegranate, worry me quite a lot. I'd be inclined to back off and drop anything that is clearly giving you a bad reaction. I wouldn't really care why you are having a bad response, I'd simply act on what your body is telling you. Just remember that things that are supposedly 'a good thing' in general are not necessarily good for each individual.

    Take care, Lynne.
  4. aprilk1869

    aprilk1869 Senior Member

    Scotland, UK
    I've been reading up on herbs and spices and came across this...

    I think IL-10 is a problem in ME so I really don't know whether pomegranate would be a good thing to take or not.

  5. Freddd

    Freddd Senior Member

    Salt Lake City
    Hi Suzanne,

    Can you list ALL the supplements you are taking and the quantities and brands etc? I want to see if there are any clues there.

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