The Exit Project Groundswell Campaign For XMRV/ME/CFS Awareness!

The Exit Project's Groundswell Campaign is happening!
What is it, you ask?
Take a look:

Click on the "Groundswell Campaign" on the right column to find out how you can participate. It's very simple, even very sick patients can join in (and more able-bodied patients are encouraged to take it to the streets!). We need more submissions! Please share the above link on your Facebook page and other sites.

Peggy Munson


Off the fence
Check out Peggy's campaign people - it's growing, and it's something nearly all of us can help with, and bless those who are to sick to get involved, but it won't be many. We can do this!

The Exit Project

List of Demands

1. Immediate release by the Federal Food & Drug Administration of drugs that might bring back our lives, particularly Ampligen.

2. Immediate development of new drugs for XMRV, such as protease inhibitors and other antiretroviral drugs specific to XMRV infection.

3. Immediate funding for novel treatments that hold promise for XMRV, such as GcMAF and orphan drugs that might work on XMRV.

4. Immediate drug trials NOW of antiretroviral drugs for XMRV.

5. Immediate release of these drugs to everyone with XMRV and ME/CFS.

6. Immediate availability of these drugs at affordable prices. X out greed!

7. Immediate massive public education to stop the spread of XMRV and undo negative stereotypes around ME/CFS.

8. Immediate policy to prohibit discrimination in ME/CFS treatment, insurance, disability benefits, and medical care.

8. Immediate establishment of a coordinated, comprehensive, and compassionate national policy on XMRV.

9. Immediate action to protect our nation’s blood supply from XMRV.
There are three actions underway right now. Each action should only take a few minutes or an hour or your time, and all can be accomplished from home or involve a public place (and a more brash action that engages bystander or crowd interest), depending on your personal ability to participate. All results should be submitted to as well as Anthony Fauci at -- please also post any videos on YouTube, and post The Exit Project ( on your Facebook page.


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I participated with one of our family members but I didn't include the list of demands. Was I supposed to?