Pain- does this have a name?


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Hi, i find it hard to keep up with the names for different symptoms and was wondering if the type of pain i have been experiencing has a name, it might make it easier for me to explain it/talk about it/research it.

I have many different types of pain, although i m very lucky that it is mostly transitory. My worst type has been severe eye pain and flu like aching.

I will try and describe the pain that i am searching for a name for (if one exists) It is like a nerve type feeling that pings all over my body, quickly moving from one place to another so for example one minute there is a pain in my left leg, the next it is in my right elbow, then quickly moves to my left forearm. It feels kind of zingy and like nerve endings is the only way i can describe it.
Apart from giving it a name does anyone else suffer this, is it common in M.E?. It mainly comes on after activity that was too much but settles down again after a while

Thanks, Justy.