NIH: Request for Input on How To Advance ME/CFS Research, Deadline April 15, 2019


This is the list of requests being solicited:

1) The most compelling ME/CFS research needs.

2) Strategies for overcoming scientific challenges or barriers to progress in ME/CFS research.

3) Potential research resources, tools, and/or materials that could help advance ME/CFS research or enable early career investigators and senior investigators new to the ME/CFS field to more easily conduct research.

4) Relevant considerations and strategies for clinical ME/CFS research, including the development and validation of data standards and outcome measures.

5) Overcoming challenges or barriers to establishing a career in ME/CFS research for early career investigators and those new to the field.

6) Approaches to strengthen research and career training for ME/CFS investigators.

7) Identifying related scientific areas that may be relevant to ME/CFS and strategies for establishing collaborations with experts in those areas to help advance ME/CFS research.

8) Approaches to reduce barriers that prevent individuals with ME/CFS from participating in research. For example, these might be logistical challenges, such as difficulty traveling to a study site, or might be because of an unwillingness to undergo certain types of research protocols.

9) Strategies for increasing ME/CFS research collaboration and communication between relevant stakeholders.

10) Other approaches that may improve the overall field of ME/CFS research.