ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Course Online, thoughts?


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I got a targeted ad online from (Jobs website) for this online course on ME/CFS awareness that costs £49.

I am very intrigued to know what information it is giving out as it is registered by Complimentary medical association, International alliance of holistic therapists, but also the IANLPC (International Association of NLP & Coaching) which suggests to me that it may mention CBT/GET or Lightning Process.

Should it not be validated or verified by the ME association or such organisations/charities?

I feel like it could be important to get to the bottom of as awareness of ME grows with the Millions missing campaign, if practitioners or whoever are keen to understand more then there is a chance this may not be the best source of information, but it might be the most accessible and appear as the most apparently official source.

I'm also a bit intrigued as I have done a lot of research but I wonder if they provide any nuggets of useful info.

£49 inc VAT
Study method
Online, self-paced
150 Hours
150 CPD points / hours
Additional info
  • Exam(s) / assessment(s) is included in price
The Study areas:
  1. What is ME/CFS
  2. Related Conditions
  3. Who Suffers?
  4. Lifestyle and Symptoms
  5. Do I Have ME/CFS?
  6. Further Testing and Diagnosis
  7. Helping Yourself Back to Health
  8. Recovery Techniques That Work
  9. The Road to Recovery
  10. Food and ME/CFS
  11. How Food Affects Recovery
  12. Other Possible Areas to Explore
  13. Case Studies and Recovery

This can be moved to advocacy if more appropriate.


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Hi @ChrisD, thanks for sharing this. I share some of your concerns. I've had a look at the course and the website of the actual provider. Its very difficult to get a feel for the organisation and they claim to offer a Diploma but this does not appear to be an awarding body I am familiar with.

My other concern is that as Reed are effectively an employment agency and, from what I understand, provide training courses to support unemployed people back into employment. This course could be a platform to "encourage" UK ME/CFS patients back into employment and out of benefits? I appreciate Reed do have a statement saying they do not endorse the course; but they are accepting the advertising.