MAF Active Spray


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Has anyone tried the spray? If so, what's been your experience? Not sure when it came out.

"We are sponsoring some trials of GcMAF, and are able to subsidise some trials using MAFActive, a spray version of GcMAF vitamin D binding protein.
The normal sale price of this is £85 for the low dose MAFActive 220 and £300 for the higher strength MAFActive 880.

By registering with and giving feedback on the use of GcMAF, we are subsidising trials and giving coupon codes worth 25% discount on retail price.

How is MAFActive administered?
Nature has provided a gateway to the immune system. We have tissue and cells under the tongue that are in contact with our defence system. The substances enter the system directly and immediately transmit the information they contain.

It can take anytime up to 72hrs for the information pathways in the immune system to open. This means that any immune responses are likely to appear within this time.

Try to avoid any medication that will ‘dampen’ the immune system, but do not stop or change any medications given without consultation with your doctor."

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