Light therapy

Has anyone tried any type of sun lamp? I'm considering what to add to :

  • Fatigued to fantastic vitamin mineral supplement
  • Sublingual Methyl/Adenosyl B12
  • Transdermal magnesium
  • Pure coconut oil
  • daily FIR sauna
  • Whey protein powder
  • Low carb/high protein diet,

which constitutes my current regimen.

Some sort of light therapy seems a good candidate. Living in Scotland doesn't provide opportunity for much bright sunlight during the winter months at the best of times. Reversed sleep patterns, long periods spent indoors, and often little outdoors however, suggests it an especially pertinent area to address.

Any ideas or success stories?
I use a sun lamp in the morning. It definitely wakes me up. I had a reversed sleep pattern too, and the light helps with that.


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I started lighttherapy today. Sat in a completely white room for 2 hours with a bunch of others, we were about 10, and read my book. It was really nice, I feel more happy, but not at all less tired. She said it would take 10 treatments to make me less tired though, so we'll see..
I've used both a sun lamp (as in sun bed) and a bright light (as in SAD lamp). Both are effective but neither are a cure for me. I think the vitamin D production from the sun bed is probably the safest way to increase levels if you're prepared to have regular exposure, though some will disagree. I certainly feel pretty good after "cooking" for 8 minutes either side! I have fair skin that tans but don't use it often enough to actually tan.

The SAD lamp (I have a Philips GoLite Blu) is good at restoring sleep patterns if they get out of whack. It's available on a 30 day trial period (double check) so you've not really got much to lose by trying it. The prices on Amazon (UK at least) vary quite a lot. I got mine a year ago and it was 99 GBP but it's currently 165.