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I’ve moved in to a four year old appartment after only living in new ones and I’m getting worse. Spore count was 247/cm2 so shouldn’t be awful. Also suspecting it comes from outside (wet forest). Anyway, thinking about buying an IQair 150 to feel better. It’s supposed to capture even mold toxins (0,1 microns). But of course worried I’m waisting my money. Any experiences with this device? Not air purifyers in general but this one. Thanks!


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Good unit but pricey. I have high pollen count in the spring. For my 1 bedroom apartment I use a washable HEPA furnice filter ($20) and an air ionizer ($80) and it does a good job of controlling pollen and cleaning up cigarette smoke odors that leak through the shared apartment ventilation system. For the cig odor I weighted down some plastic over half and gauze over the front half of the vent shaft behind the furnace filter then put a couple of lines of vaseline over the gauze to help trap the particles. I wash the furnace filter every 1month to 2 weeks as needed.

This unit is probably a Chinese knock off but it works well. I know because it only cost $82. Retail price for this unit genuine is $133.


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I realize that this is an old topic, but I thought this to be important to anyone considering coughing up the fortune you need to buy an IQAir filtration unit.

I got the most expensive model, and right away I was shocked to find that they use STYROFOAM to frame all their expensive throw-away filters (styrofoam is one of the most potentially hazardous, forever non-degradable plastic pollutants that exist - it pulverizes into an undegradable powder that clogs the gills of fish, suffocating them).

Then I was infuriated, when first turning the unit on, that it blasted bits of styrofoam around the room, sticking to walls, windowsills, and blinds.

The intake is on the underside of the unit near the floor and the output is a vent that blows air 360° around the unit near the top. Any air contaminants floating down into this 360° circle of blasting air are instantly blown horizontally against the the walls of the room (I experimented with colored powder and real dust sprinkled above this "air purifier" to confirm this, as warned in a review I read too late - after already having bought this expensive piece of ****), and I seriously doubt that little if any high floating particulate can ever actually reach the intake filter on the underside of the unit while it is operating.

Plus, exactly as the review I had read warned, the unit produced a sickeningly sweet smell, which I discovered was coming from the styrofoam-framed charcoal filter (supposed to get rid of odors, NOT produce new ones!).

Fortunately, with the local retailer's help and a threat of legal inquiry, I got a full refund for something I would not recommend to my worst enemy.
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