Indications that XMRV is congenital

Clay, Alabama
My girlfriend - cfs sufferer has two autistic children. I was in Australia there is lots of controversy as to whether the MMR Vaccine given to babies is a cause of autism. Im not extrememly knowledgable on the subject but I was wondering......if we pass on xmrv to our children is it possible that the live virus in the vaccines are whats triggering the xmrv and causing autism? Make me wonder now.
This is Mikovits's theory as she said that XMRV is in the immune system DNA. A virus revs up the immune system causing replication. With each cell replication, comes more virus replication.



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England (south coast)
I have heard Judy Mikovits talking about breast feeding in relation to XMRV, and also talking about possible infection from casual social contact.
Do you have a citation for that, Bob? It is a worrying prospect.
Hi Sam,
I have slightly modified my original post to insert the word 'possible', as they do not yet know how XMRV is transmitted.
But as we don't know how XMRV is transmitted, then it could possibly be a lot easier to transmit than HIV, or a lot harder.
I think there are indications that XMRV may be more easily transmitted in families than HIV (i.e. casual social contact).
But I'm afraid that I can't remember where I saw Judy Mikovits talking about transmission... I think it might have been on more than one occasion, and maybe one occasion was in one of the many videos of her giving a talk or an interview.