Has anyone been diagnosed with streptococcus F?


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Olympic Peninsula, Washington
I've been acutely ill for a couple of weeks and went in yesterday for the sore throat which had really amped up. I've had fever, chills, weakness, loss of appetite, etc. as well. I tested negative for strep A (have had this happen a while ago and was positive for strep B on later culture but kicked it on my own before getting the results).

Today I felt much worse and called in to ask about the culture and found out I have strep F and the "doctor" said that it doesn't require treatment and the body can handle it, but that he would prescribe antibiotics if I wanted. I chose antibiotics (but am allergic to penicillin so it's always a little complicated).

I decided to google it afterward and it seems that very little is known about strep F at all and it seems to have some scary little blurbs attached out in cyberspace about it never clearing, causing sepsis and other problems and being resistant to treatment of any/all kinds.

Just wondering if anyone else has found themselves on the fringes of something as seemingly-simple as strep? Any help is much appreciated.


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Hi zoe.am. i've found an article on it, unfortunatly you can only view the first page without being member of the site, but the first page mentions enough complications, that if it was me i'd definatly take the anti biotics here's the link http://www.jstor.org/pss/4453674 hope it clears up soon, all the best