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I ran across a very interesting article on the "Flexner Report" that was published in 1910, and had a huge influence on how modern medicine developed in the 20th century. I'd never heard of the report before, but the content of the article fell in line with things I'd long believed about conventional medicine.

I fully realize modern medicine has brought us many wonders, but I've long been aghast at some of its barbaric practices and inhumanity. Most of us are aware that pwME/CFS have long been "out of favor" with conventional medicine because we don't fit within the narrow confines of its training and practice. I think this article goes a long way in explaining how it came to be that we've had to confront so many untenable situations in our search for better health.

Below is part of the introduction. --- BTW, I think the Cancer Tutor website has a lot of great information for anybody trying to discover more about natural ways to treat cancer.

If you’ve ever wondered how modern-day medicine got to where it is today, you should begin by learning about Abraham Flexner. He’s probably one of the most influential men no one has ever heard of.

In 1910 he published the book-length report Medical Education in the United States and Canada which is now known as the Flexner Report. And, the rest, as they say, is history.

Abraham Flexner was not a doctor, but this school teacher and educational theorist from Louisville, Kentucky, has had a more significant impact on modern medicine than just about anyone else.

Though institutions such as Johns Hopkins were already implementing “modern principles” into their work, most medical schools had yet to subscribe to these paradigms.

So what Flexner did was to attempt to align medical education under a set of norms that emphasized laboratory research and the patenting of medicine — both of which would serve to further enrich the estates of the entrepreneurs who funded Flexner’s 1910 report: John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and others.

Sounds like a win-win, right? … Well, not exactly.

In fact, chances are that if Flexner had not submitted his report that audited medical schools in the United States and Canada, we would not have a society heavily biased in favor of many inhumane and unnatural medical practices that we have today.
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