synacthen cortisol stimulation test

  1. soxfan

    ACTH cortisol stimulation test

    So this morning I had he ACTH Stim test. My starting cortisol was 8.0 at 8am . Range is 4-24. Then they injected the stimulation and in an hour it raised to 31.0. She said my adrenals were able to react to stress. My question is when you have a chronic illness and your body is stressed everyday...
  2. O

    Question re cortisol test

    Hi All, My GP has arranged for me to have a cortisol test, to check my adrenal function. It seems this test can ONLY be done between 8 and 9am, no other time will do. This presents a huge problem for me as I don't rise until late morning, early afternoon. And when I first wake I am incapable of...