1. mitoMAN

    Mdivi-1 Inhibition of Drp1 (CVB and Herpes inhibition)

    Mdivi-1 Dr. Prusty has tested this Peptide to be highly effective in vitro but there have not been any studies conducted in human trials so far. Contrary to SS-31, this is not only boosting Mitochondria but also inhibitng Drp1 and other Protein Kinase aspects needed for viral reproduction of...
  2. mitoMAN

    Promising Mitochondrial Peptides: SS-31 / Elamipretide + MOTS-c and Humanin

    A very very promising peptide under the name SS-31 (licensed name will be elamipretide) This peptide seems to have grabbed the attention of scientists researching a healing for mitochondrial myopathies. Ron Davis mentioned this as one possibly working peptide to help CFS patients! Randomized...