1. SNT Gatchaman

    Sex-Specific Characteristics of the Microcirculation

    Authors: Virginia Huxley and Scott Kemp Published: July 27 2018 DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-77932-4_20 PubMed Central link Chapter link (free access) Full book link (pdf, paywall) Abstract The requirements of metabolizing tissue are both continuous and variable; accordingly, the microvasculature...
  2. Muon

    Postorgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS)

    (Extreme) fatigue is a common symptom in POIS, namely 83% Ref. Some individuals may never figure out they suffer from this syndrome, it's even more difficult for any health care provider to come to this conclusion. For example: A person may have symptoms, including fatigue, that last for at...