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robert phair

  1. junkcrap50

    Amsterdam scientists find an enzyme (IDO2) that could be the culprit of #LongCovid: Prolonged IDO2 activity & associated cellular stress in PASC.

    They found the IDO2 enzyme in "insane amounts" in Long Covid patients in all kinds of cells causing "a kind of collective suicide" as well as impaired mitochondrial function and Krebs Cycle dysfunction. They say it's clear that IDO2 continues to rage after the virus is defeated and IDO1...
  2. dreamydays

    Escaping the metabolic trap (IDO)

    I still think the metabolic trap theory has some merit. Robert Phair looked into genetic problems and his current theory is that tryptophan metabolism gets overloaded and we don't have the ability to process it and so we get stuck in a trap. The enzyme which can process it is IDO1, as we lack...