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  1. RyeRyeBread

    My Rheumatologist Prescribed Aquatic GET...

    [Long Post, beware lol] Just saw my first rheumatologist yesterday. Went pretty well, she seemed nice and there were minimal red flags.... Until she mentioned GET. I told her my symptoms, and told her my hunch that I had brought to my last Dr. (that i think its ME) before he very quickly...
  2. MariaMagdalena

    Sjogren's Syndrome- Dry eyes, mouth? get this one ruled out, or in!

    Hey everyone! I was going to post this to the forum reserved for alternate or overlapping diagnosis, but there was no heading there for this so I guess I'm putting it into the general circulation. If I missed a more appropriate placement, feel free to move it, mods. I have recently been making...