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  1. SNT Gatchaman

    Lactate: the ugly duckling of energy metabolism (Rabinowitz, 2020)

    Lactate: the ugly duckling of energy metabolism Rabinowitz JD, Enerbäck S Lactate, perhaps the best-known metabolic waste product, was first isolated from sour milk, in which it is produced by lactobacilli. Whereas microbes also generate other fermentation products, such as ethanol or acetone...
  2. M

    Supplementation of pyruvat risky?

    Hi all, after @Martin aka paused||M.E. is in a very severe condition again, I ask for him, whether the supplementation of pyruvate is risky. In Martin's blood a lower pyruvate level was measured; lactate is normal. @Martin aka paused||M.E. told me that Ron mentioned 2007 that it worked in the...