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  1. C

    Neurovascular Dysregulation and Acute Exercise Intolerance in ME/CFS: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Pyridostigmine (Joseph et al, 2022)

    Authors Phillip Joseph, Rosa Pari, Sarah Miller, Arabella Warren, Mary Catherine Stovall, Johanna Squires, Chia-Jung Chang, Wenzhong Xiao, Aaron B. Waxman, David M. Systrom, Abstract Background Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) is characterized by intractable...
  2. M

    Any Dr. Systrom patients here? - Mestinon (Pyridostigmine bromide) and safety profile

    Hello, So I got a prescription for Mestinon from my doctor to see if it helps with exertional intolerance (most notably pain/discomfort after exercise). I am freaking out about it though. For those that are not aware, this drug has been linked as a causal factor in Gulf War Illness (GWI). This...
  3. Peajay69

    Mestinon and Magnesium?

    I have very severe ME. Does anybody know if it's OK to continue supplementing Magnesium while on Mestinon? I'm currently taking 20mg X 4 a day and getting quite severe muscle twitching. I previously injected Magnesium Sulphate weekly but have recently stopped due to hearing conflicting opinions...
  4. Pearshaped

    for those who got worse with mestinon

    Dr.Systrom seems to have quite a success with Mestinon on his patients. I'd be interested to hear what others WHO GOT WORSE on Mestinon found to be helpful. Im also wondering if you are mild/moderate or severe and how onset of ilness was.My naive hope is to find similarities in our group and...
  5. Thegriz

    Mestinon side effects?

    Just started taking Mestinon or pyridostigmine, having stomach discomfort, did your body adjust to this after taking it for awhile?
  6. mattie

    Poll: Mestinon Trial

    A bit late, but I promised to report about Mestinon Trial (@echobravo) My new GP takes M.E. seriously. :thumbsup: Not only that, he allows me to trial Mestinon without going through a specialist which would be the normal route for this kind of off-label medication use. It works well for a...
  7. charlie1


    I've been prescribed 180 mg Mestinon SR once/day. I will begin it when I am feeling better (flu-like symptoms presently). Does anyone have any experience with this drug?