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  1. MarkRichardson

    Pregabalin (Lyrica) Dosing

    I have some queries about using Pregabalin that would be great if those in the know could help clear up for me please. What size dosage have people found helps with energy/PEM? When starting is it necessary to build up to this dosage? Does it have to be used consistently or can it be used as...
  2. stefanosstef

    Poll: Have you been helped from gabapentin or pregabalin?

    My psychiatrist really insists that gabapentin will help me with neuroinflammation symptoms.Honestly he seems stubborn about it.I've got zero benefits, tried it for a couple of months at 600mg + 1200mg, he said it needs more time initially (after 20-30 days that we talked), then he said to up...
  3. hellytheelephant

    Anyone had good results from Lyrica without terrible side effects..?

    I was prescribed Lyrica a week ago as my pain was just out of control ( I have been in crash for the last 6 weeks). I am a chronic pain sufferer in addition to ME/fibro pain, and it is moderate- severe. The pain is has greatly reduced in the last day and I was able to get out of bed without...