pain management

  1. MelissaAnne

    Discussing Opioids with Doctor

    I'm in need of some advice. The doctors I go to are very hesitant to prescribe me opioids, no doubt due to the opioid epidemic. My doctor at Mayo said that "opioids aren't good for anyone" but I think I bet to disagree as I've read some of the other threads in this forum that point to some...
  2. frozenborderline

    Treatments that help attenuate opioid tolerance

    Opioids/opiates, specifically mu opioid agonists (occasionally delta) can be an important part of pain treatment and also help other me/cfs symptoms, such as insomnia or PEM. But they cause rapid tachyphylaxis (development of tolerance). This thread will be a long one in which we discuss all...
  3. frozenborderline

    "Copium for the masses--a podcast about the history, science and practicalities of growing natures best pain medication"

    I did a podcast about the history of opium, pain management , and practical side (how to grow and harvest your own opium ). I'm pretty sick so my friends had to so most of the editing but I still think it was informative.