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oxygen saturation

  1. linusbert

    video: Increasing oxygen in cells

    the video title is more promising than the content actually delivers. but the testing method mentioned in the video is quite interesting, maybe be can do some community benchmarks. my result now is 15. though i get in stress after 10... so my co2 acceptance is garbage. test is as follows: - 3x...
  2. SWAlexander

    Erythrocyte, Platelet, Serum Ferritin, and P-Selectin Pathophysiology Implicated in Severe Hypercoagulation and Vascular Complications in COVID-19

    Abstract Progressive respiratory failure is seen as a major cause of death in severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-Cov-2)-induced infection. Relatively little is known about the associated morphologic and molecular changes in the circulation of these patients. In particular...