1. Noir

    Gamers for M.E. - Play video games and support OMF

    If your're a gamer and want to support Open Medicine Foundation, I've set up a charity donation campaign team at called Gamers for M.E. 100% of the donations goes to Open Medicine Foundation. You'll find the campaign here...
  2. gbells

    What is Ron Davis' financial relationship with OMF?

    I've noticed that Dr. Ron Davis doesn't respond to ideas from patients, only researchers. I sent him an email about immunotherapy for ME that was never responded to. Also, I think his ME foundation OMF demands all patent rights and ownership be surrendered which it very intimidating. Does he...
  3. ahimsa

    Fundraiser for OMF on Sunday, Oct. 5th - 5K Run/Walk in St. Paul, Oregon

    What: 5K Run/Walk to benefit OMF (Open Medicine Foundation) When: Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019 Where: St. Paul Elementary School in St. Paul, Oregon, USA For more details, or to make a donation, go to