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  1. Jackb23

    miR-155 deletion modulates lipopolysaccharide-induced sleep in female mice

    "Immune signaling is known to regulate sleep. miR-155 is a microRNA that regulates immune responses. We hypothesized that miR-155 would alter sleep regulation. Thus, we investigated the potential effects of miR-155 deletion on sleep-wake behavior in adult female homozygous miR-155 knockout...
  2. Jackb23

    MicroRNA 155 and viral-induced neuroinflammation

    The study isn't particularly new but it is not old either. I know that miRNA-155 has been touched on within this website before and I believe this study to also be pertinent to ME/CFS. MicroRNA 155 and viral-induced neuroinflammation Laura L. Dickey, Timothy M. Hanley, Thomas B. Huffaker...