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    Metformin taken during acute COVID reduces risk of long COVID by 41%. ME/CFS often gets worse after COVID, so this drug may protect from such decline

    A study found that a two week course of metformin given within 3 days of testing positive for an acute COVID infection led to 41% fewer long covid diagnoses over the following 10 months compared with people who had taken placebo. For participants who started metformin less than 4 days after...
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    Is insulin resistance the cause of fibromyalgia? In a subset of fibromyalgia patients, metformin dramatically improved pain

    A new study published in May 2019 finds preliminary evidence that fibromyalgia might be due to insulin resistance: Is insulin resistance the cause of fibromyalgia? A preliminary report The study found highly significant association between fibromyalgia and glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c)...