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  1. M

    Hypoglycemia and ME

    What do we know about ME and Hypoglycemia? Does ME cause Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)? Does ME crashes immediately drop blood sugar even lower? Do many people have Hypoglycemia and they think it's ME, because the doctors haven't looked at Hypoglycemia and the symptoms are the same in many...
  2. SNT Gatchaman

    Lactate: the ugly duckling of energy metabolism (Rabinowitz, 2020)

    Lactate: the ugly duckling of energy metabolism Rabinowitz JD, Enerbäck S Lactate, perhaps the best-known metabolic waste product, was first isolated from sour milk, in which it is produced by lactobacilli. Whereas microbes also generate other fermentation products, such as ethanol or acetone...
  3. leokitten

    Impaired ketogenesis ties metabolism to T cell dysfunction in COVID-19. Karagiannis et al, Nature (2022)

  4. SNT Gatchaman

    Virus Control of Cell Metabolism for Replication and Evasion of Host Immune Responses (Moreno-Altamirano, 2019)

    Virus Control of Cell Metabolism for Replication and Evasion of Host Immune Responses María Maximina B Moreno-Altamirano, Simon E Kolstoe, Francisco Javier Sánchez-García Over the last decade, there has been significant advances in the understanding of the cross-talk between metabolism and...
  5. leokitten

    Therapeutic efficacy of atypical antipsychotic drugs by targeting multiple stress-related metabolic pathways (Cai et al., Transl Psychiatry 2017)

  6. frozenborderline

    Poem about ME/CFS --"Dauer"

  7. leokitten

    Can’t or Won’t? Immunometabolic Constraints on Dopaminergic Drive. Treadway MT et al. Trends Cogn Sci. (2019)

    Interesting review of research on the impact of inflammation on the dopamine system as well as a theoretical model and computational method trying to connect it all. Could be a hypothesis as to why Abilify and dopaminergic agents have some partial efficacy in ME, even if it is temporary (so...
  8. Y

    Poorly absorbed / excreted fluid, but healthy kidneys

    I can not understand what is wrong with my metabolism. I noticed a long time ago that I drink too little liquid (about 1.1 liters per day). And this includes juices, teas, soups and even apples. I always have at hand drinking water or juice, but for some reason I cannot drink a lot more than one...
  9. Sarah94

    Scared of losing muscle if I diet

    Context: I have severe ME. I am very limited in what I can do physically. I am also overweight, this stems from having been overeating in recent months. I want to lose weight, but I am worried because I have read that when you eat less, your body burns muscle before it burns fat. I cannot...
  10. BeADocToGoTo1

    Pancreas Damage, Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

    Since there are just a few very old posts linking pancreas issues with chronic fatigue syndrome, I write this in the hope that what I have learnt over the last 4 years might help others with similar life changing issues. It is an avenue worth looking into in your quest to feel better. It helped...