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me research uk

  1. J

    Research / Studies ongoing in the UK

    Hi everyone, Please can you help me find studies / research that I can take part in that is currently ongoing in the UK. Are there any places that I can search for them easily? Thank you in advance for the replies.
  2. Noir

    Gamers for M.E. - Play video games and support OMF

    If your're a gamer and want to support Open Medicine Foundation, I've set up a charity donation campaign team at streamlabscharity.com called Gamers for M.E. 100% of the donations goes to Open Medicine Foundation. You'll find the campaign here...
  3. Pyrrhus

    ME Research UK announces funding to study viral causes of ME

    ME Research UK announces funding to study viral causes of ME https://www.meresearch.org.uk/calling-all-researchers-2/ Excerpt:
  4. Pyrrhus

    ME Research UK (MERUK): Breakthrough magazine

    ME Research UK (MERUK) has published the Fall 2020 edition of their Breakthrough magazine: https://www.meresearch.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/BreakthroughAutumn2020.pdf Excerpts: