1. mitoMAN

    T-Cell Modulation - Mdivi-1 and FGIN-1-27

    Two very promising treatment approaches that modulate T helper cells and have been proposed to be effective in animal models of autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Mdivi-1 also greatly works on mitochondria and DRP1 Proteins which might be toxic at too high dosages as an inhibitor. FGIN-1-27 seems...
  2. mitoMAN

    Mdivi-1 Inhibition of Drp1 (CVB and Herpes inhibition)

    Mdivi-1 Dr. Prusty has tested this Peptide to be highly effective in vitro but there have not been any studies conducted in human trials so far. Contrary to SS-31, this is not only boosting Mitochondria but also inhibitng Drp1 and other Protein Kinase aspects needed for viral reproduction of...