lab work

  1. acarey92

    Ordering CellTrend Labs in Northeast US

    Hi all, I am trying to order cell trend labs! See here Does anyone know a doctor or a private lab I could use in the northeast where I could order these tests. Unfortunately I've had no luck with public labs...
  2. sebaaa

    Outsourcing the "Something in the Blood?"

    In light of the recent observations from Ron Davis and Dr. Prusty about "something in the blood," which causes excess mitochondrial fission, I was thinking if there's a way to outsource the work of isolating this substance, which could be a lot faster and cheaper than waiting for him to publish...
  3. B

    Functional vs Traditional Lab Ranges Comparison Chart

    Hello, I couldn't find anything within the forums referencing this and have a very hard time finding anything through the skewed algorithms of google which is often the case. Does anyone have a link or copy of functional vs traditional lab ranges? I had a copy somewhere but misplaced it. I...